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BECCA Cosmetics

Becca Cosmetics

March 10, 2015

BECCA Cosmetics

BECCA Cosmetics

BECCA Cosmetics

BECCA Cosmetics swatch

BECCA under eye brightening corrector and beach tint

BECCA Beach Tint Soufflé

BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed

First of all, thank you to my neighborhood ULTA beauty store for finally carrying    Becca!

When I started swatching products I was instantly in ‘makeup heaven’! The consistency of every product I tried was just so smooth, blendable + luxurious. The items I purchased, I think, would be perfect for creating that summer glow.

I’m not so much into bold makeup looks as I am into natural looks {if you follow my instagram, you already know this about me}. Sure, I love a good smokey eye or a bold lip. But for everyday? Not for me. I save the bold looks for those date nights with my hubby.

Ok, so back to these products. Because I love more subtle looks, AND because I live in steamy-hot-ass Florida, when it comes to summer time, less is definitely more! I absolutely will love using these BECCA products during the next few months!

The packaging is simple, yet good quality. The under eye brightening corrector is a full-coverage, decadent + creamy formula. It’s pink tone covers dark circles while the light-reflecting illuminators help to brighten up the under eye area. I’m curious to see how this formula wears + lasts. The beach tint shimmer soufflé is so beautiful! It has a mousey consistency, and when you apply it to the skin it feels like a powder. Every shade has two colors in it, and when you swirl your finger around to pick up the product the colors just blend so nicely together {I purchased the ‘Papaya/Topaz’ pot}. This shade is perfect for my olive complexion. I love the subtle shimmery-glow it gives + the beautiful pop of color! Next, I couldn’t pass up on this Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed {shade: ‘Topaz’}. When I swatched it, the formula felt so light + smooth. And when I saw it on my skin I was like, WHOA! It’s meant to be a pressed powder. Or you can use it like a bronzer. The unique formula is supposed to adjust to your skin’s natural undertone. Interesting, huh?! »Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed VIDEO«

Finally, the Bronzing Skin Perfector will give me that warm summer glow I’m after. Because I don’t like to sun tan my face, I think this is a great product to have to enhance my complexion! In the swatch above, it looks pretty dark. I just wanted to show the color, but it does blend into the skin beautifully.

Have any of you tried BECCA products? Tell me some of your favorites!

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Valentine's Day Beauty

Anniversary/Valentine’s Beauty

February 11, 2015

Valentine's Day Beauty

Click on the links below to take you directly to the product page.

Eyeliner | Concealer/Highlighter | Shimmer Brick | Contour Kit | Fluid Sheer (radiance booster) | Matte Bronzer | Chanel ‘Chance’ Parfum | Elizabeth + James ‘Nirvana’ parfum | Beach Stick | Brow Pomade | Brow Pencil | Brow Highlighter | Glamour Lashes | UNZIPPED GOLD Palette | YSL Lipstick:  1, 2, 3 + 4 | UNZIPPED Cheek Palette | Self tanning face towelettes

Today I wanted to share with you some of the beauty products I will be using this week over my staycation with my husband, Tony. He and I will be celebrating our 4th Wedding Anniversary (TODAY, 2/11» Yay!) + Valentine’s Day. Since it’s a little hard to actually leave town while still nursing my baby boy, Tony + I chose to stay at a resort on Miami Beach. We truly live in paradise, and we’re glad we can take advantage of our beautiful city to celebrate this week. I can’t wait to relax, SLEEP, wine + dine, go dancing, sunbathe + just really take this time for each other, because we really deserve it!

Ok, so these are some of the products I’ll be using. Mostly all new, so I’m really excited to try them out this week. » P.S:  Keep checking my instagram for posts on my beauty looks, outfits (#ootd/#ootn) and beautiful Miami Beach!

I loved this shimmer brick when I tried it on in the store. At first, I thought it was going to be too glittery, but it gave such a pretty shimmery rose glow. Just apply it slightly above your cheek bone – great to use for a special occasion. I’ll try it when we’re going out to dinner. I’m also excited about this ever popular contour kit. I have never really contoured my face before, but I have always been curious to try it. This kit has been sold out everywhere I went! I found only one left at the last store I tried. Valentine's Day Beauty

I can’t spend this special week with my love with out some seductive scent. So I’m bringing a couple good ones! This one I’ve had for about 3 weeks now. It’s such a lovely, light and alluring fragrance. Also, for a beautiful summer glow look, I’m trying the Beach Stick in ‘Moon Beach.’ It’s an easy product to use while on vacation. And finally, I just LOVE YSL lip products! The colors are just beautiful + the formula is creamy, hydrating and long-wearing. It’s no surprise that I bought a few for this week too…I mean did you see those colors?!  My favorite red lipstick is Le Rouge Num. 001.

Valentine's Day Beauty

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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What’s in my cosmetic case?

January 08, 2015

I’m constantly changing my cosmetic case and what’s in it. Currently, this is what I have inside…

Cosmetic Case

Petals and Pumps

Cosmetic case:  “In Case of Emergency, Put Mascara on Yourself Before Helping Others.” I received this case from a dear friend of mine, and it’s special to me! It fits a lot (as you can see) and it’s just so cute!

Business Cards:  Yes, there are business cards in my cosmetic case! I have business cards stashed in every handbag, clutch, diaper bag and cosmetic case I have…You never know when an opportunity arises. Gotta be prepared.

Lip balm:  Eos lip balm is a MUST! I can’t help myself. And neither can my son Liam, who’s 2. When he finds the colorful egg-shaped balm, he can’t keep his little hands off of it. The lip balm is moisturizing, natural, fruity + smells good.

{ that little hand in my shot, going for the Eos lip balm! :) }

Travel size cream:  There’s always some kind of travel cream in my bag. I wash my hands a billion times a day, and this ‘Ultra Repair Cream’ is perfect for nourishing my hands throughout the day.

Mally Beauty Evercolor Eye Liner:  I had given up on eyeliner until this one came into my life! The colors are beautiful. They are so creamy + easy to apply. They are truly bulletproof. And I’m starting to hoard these! » shown in “Lucky Penny.”

Amazonian Clay Blush:  Tarte is one of my favorite brands. And in my opinion, they have the best blush. This brand is built upon offering non-toxic, eco-friendly beauty products, that deliver! » shown in “Blissful.”

Chubby Shadow Stick:  Because you never know when you need a little touch-up! This one is neutral + has a little sparkle. So I can pop it on my lids anytime. » shown is “Bountiful Beige.”

Butter Gloss:  This lip gloss has been all over my instagram. It’s one of my new favorites, and is part of my December Beauty Round Up Series » see post here. » shown in “I Believe.”

Highlighter:  Obsessed with a couple of highlighters…this is one of them! This is what I love about it:  It’s soft glow, creamy texture + beautiful “dewy” appearance to the skin.

Marc Jacobs Spray Pen:  The perfect fragrance + size to pop into your bag. Because who doesn’t need an extra spray throughout the day?! ‘Daisy Eau So Fresh,’ is flirty, fruity, fresh + a little musky all at the same time. One of my faves!

Sample Size Mascara:  Admittedly, this is not my favorite mascara. But I keep little ones like this handy for touch-ups, or in case I left my house without mascara on. I hate when that happens.

Naked Lip gloss:  This is my first and only lip gloss by urban decay. But it won’t be my last! I really like the color + the way it looks and feels on my lips. It’s conditioning, long-wear formula is great. » shown in “Sesso.” a shimmery-rose shade. Part of the “On The Run” palette.


Thanks for reading! Chat soon!


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It Cosmetics Makeup Brushes

Beauty Spotlight: IT Cosmetics Makeup Brushes

November 04, 2014

In my new P+P series: Beauty Spotlight, I will feature a product + review it!

It Cosmetics Makeup Brushes

My first Beauty Spotlight (review) goes to It Cosmetics.

You don’t have to be a makeup junkie to know that good makeup brushes are an essential part to applying your makeup flawlessly. The better the brushes are, the easier they pick up the product + the smoother the product goes onto your skin. Blending is another key to a flawless face! Fluffy, dense, smooth brushes will practically do the work for you – blend, blend, blend.

There’s nothing I hate more than those makeup brushes that poke my face when I’m applying my makeup…or better yet, those brushes that leave you with a hairy face! >>You know what I mean. A brush that leaves more hairs on your face than you woke up with is a NO-NO!

I was in need of new (GOOD) makeup brushes. And because I’m a fan of QVC‘s beauty shows, I already knew how desirable It Cosmetics brushes are. So I decided to pop-in to my local ULTA beauty store to purchase a few.

IT Cosmetics brushes are wonderful! They are cruelty-free, fluffy, luxuriously soft + dense brushes (dense brushes=more hairs. More hairs help to pick up the product and lay down it flawlessly).

It Cosmetics Brushes

#115 | #114 | #315 | #227

Makeup Brushes

I’ve been using my new brushes for about 2 weeks now + they are even better than I had hoped they would be!


They feel luxurious + soft on my face.

The product picks up great + lays down effortlessly.

I found that they easily follow the contours of my face.

Easily blends in my makeup.

High color payoff.

Most of the brushes I purchased can be use with cream or powder products (= multipurpose), I love that.

The brushes are easy to hold with a rounded comfort-grip handle.

They clean + dry well.


They are more expensive than your usual brushes. But you get what you pay for.

But I’m sure, with proper care, these will be the last makeup brushes I’ll ever need to buy again!

Beauty Spotlight brushes

Go here to get the deets on my mirrored makeup storage ↑

Overall, I’m very happy with my brushes + they are a great addition to my everyday makeup routine!


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