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SPF + Anti-aging Hybrid Products

May 07, 2014

I’m so happy now that the beauty industry has merged several skin care products into one! For example, the BB creams, CC creams, SPF’s with anti-aging ingredients. All of these products have more than one benefit for our skin. These help us to Protect, Conceal, Repair and Prime our skin for the day ahead.
Less steps for us ladies!
I would like to share 2 products with you:
Supergoop! Anti-Aging City Sunscreen Serum, and Peter Thomas Roth CC Cream

Supergoop! is a company dedicated only to sun protection and anti-aging. Using good-for-you ingredients, Free from Parabens, Synthetic Fragrance and Oxybenzone.

This Sunscreen serum has customer top rated reviews across the board!  
Supergoop! Has been featured in publications such as, New Beauty, SHAPE, Parents, SELF, Vanity Fair, VOGUE and much more!
What’s so great about this light-weight serum?
Well, how many SPF’s out there do you know of are actually serums?!
It’s light-weight, helps to battle the signs of aging, protects your skin from harmful UV damage and it readies your skin for the rest of your long day.
Here’s the description mentioned on the Supergoop! website:
What makes this “Goop” Super
-Vitamins E and B5 aid nutrient absorption and cell renewal
-Hydrovotin 24 stimulates the skin’s natural moisturizing agent so skin stays hydrated without the need of a heavy cream
This lightweight serum is perfect for all skin types.
On http://www.supergoop.com  you can find a selection of lip balms, eye cream, lotions and more! 
Peter Thomas Roth CC Cream is an anti-aging treatment, sunscreen, complexion corrector, moisturizer AND tint all in one. I personally own and love this CC cream. I just rub this on in the morning, and usually, on my regular day it’s all I need. Because of the tint in this product it helps to “correct” your complexion. I love knowing that in ONE product I have all I need for the day! What makes this CC cream different?
It has Arbutin and Camu Camu.
Camu Camu, is an Amazonian super fruit that has 30 TIMES MORE vitamin C than an orange. Vitamin C is essential for your skin. It helps improve collagen production in order to create more beautiful vibrant, firmer skin. It also helps to protect you from further skin damage. Arbutin helps to even out your skin tone- it has skin lightening properties. The wonderful tint corrects your complexion right away. Hiding some imperfections so you can just use this if you like, or add your foundation/powder atop. Finally, the SPF helps fight against future damage and keeps your skin looking beautiful!
Available at Sephora, QVC.com and http://www.peterthomasroth.com
Now that summer is approaching, take care of your skin + try some of these products out!
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