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e.l.f.cosmetics haul

e.l.f. cosmetics haul

November 17, 2015


e.l.f.cosmetics haul

IMG_5245 IMG_5247 1 IMG_5251 IMG_5253 1

{ L-R:  Moisturizing Lipstick » shade RED CARPET | Lip Stain » shade BERRY BLUSH | Jumbo Lipgloss Stick » shade SUMMER NIGHTS | Lip Balm Tint » shade NUDE }

IMG_5256 IMG_5259

{ L-R:  Lip Balm, Jumbo Gloss Stick, Lip Stain, Lipstick }

IMG_5260 IMG_5261 1

{ Top-Bottom:  Expert Liquid Liner » shade CHARCOAL | Waterproof Eyeliner Pens » in the shades BLACK + COFFEE }

IMG_5262 IMG_5266 IMG_5267 1


IMG_5270 1

{ Blush in the shade » CANDID CORAL }


Up until recently, I’ve only tried e.l.f. makeup brushes (which I love BTW!). When I was shopping at target, I decided to get my hands on some of their beauty products and give ’em a shot!

The reason why I picked up three eyeliners is because I want to test a variety to do a winged-liner. I’m actually not that great when it comes to doing the whole winged-liner look (with liquid liner or pens, specifically). I wanted to find a good formula, a long-lasting formula and an easy to use product. I want to master the winged-liner! And after swatching these liners, I’m excited to try them.

As you can probably tell from the pictures above, the Lip Stain bleeds a little. So if you have particularly dry lips, or lines around your mouth, then this product may not be for you. I’m not sure it’s for me either. It fees like a wet marker going on my lips. I’ll give it a fair shot though to see how I truly feel about the lip stain. I think I’ll really love the others I purchased. I like the shades + the formulas seem to be very hydrating too. The Red Carpet Moisturizing  lipstick is more sheer, rather than fully opaque, but it is buildable and you can achieve an opaque look. I love this shade red. A pretty option for the Holidays. The Lip Balm Tint is the perfect balm. Hydrating and with just a hint of color. I built it up for the photos, but the NUDE shade is really sheer. The perfect lip product if you want something hydrating and natural for everyday. I will keep this in my gym bag or on my bedside table.

The blush is so pretty. Again, a good option for everyday, and it will go with almost any makeup look. The photos don’t do this shade justice (I tried my best). It is the perfect peachy-coral with a beautiful sheen finish. Really a soft and pigmented formula.

Have you tried any of the e.l.f. cosmetics products? Let me know what you like!

prices: bronzer brush $2  | total face brush $2 | expert liquid liner $2 | lip balm $2 | lipstick $3 |  lip stain $2 | jumbo gloss stick $2 | blush $3 | eyeliner pens $2 each 

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Morning Makeup Routine

Mommy Morning Makeup Routine | Mix of high-end + drugstore products

April 23, 2015

Mommy Morning Makeup Routine Highlight and concealer

{ Marc Jacobs Beauty Concealer Pen, Clé de Peau Beauté Concealer, Estēe Lauder BB Highlighter (NOW 10% OFF!) }

Eyebrow Products

{ L’Oréal Brow Stylist Plumper, Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz }

pressed powder and bronzer

{ Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Pressed Powder, Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer }

Mommy Morning Makeup Tips

{ Maybelline Master Glaze Blush Stick, Milani Rose Powder Blush }

BareMinerals and NYX cosmetics

{ BareMinerals Pop Of Passion Lip Oil-Balm , NYX Butter Gloss }

makeup brushes

My Monday-Friday at home with the boys is typically the same. As a mom, I quickly learned that keeping a tight schedule is the best thing for my babies, and for me to be able to run my household effectively & keep my sanity!

So after the boys are fed, playtime is over, and Mason goes down for his morning nap, I’m able to eat my breakfast and then get ready. When I’m in ‘mom-mode’ I want to be comfortable and effortless in what I wear, and how I do my makeup. I barely have time to get ready sometimes and I usually feel rushed. So my mommy morning makeup routine is quick, easy and natural. I just want to feel put together (and not scare my husband when he comes home from work too – haha!).

What I pictured above may seem like a lot of makeup, but it’s really not. I don’t use all of those products everyday. I showed 2 blush options, 2 lip options + 2 highlighter/concealer options. I wanted to show you what I typically go for, depending on how I feel that day. Sometimes I want a cream blush, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I need more coverage – so I may use both concealers, etc. I also wanted to show you my go-to everyday makeup brushes. I have MANY brushes, but I find I reach for these the most. And I definitely love doing a simple makeup look using peachy-coraly tones. I feel I look more refreshed when I use these type of shades with my complexion.


List of Makeup Products:

CC+ anti-aging serum | Remedy Concealer Pen | Brush-On Glow BB Highlighter | Concealer | Brow Gel Mascara | Brow Wiz | Fit Me Matte + Poreless Pressed Powder | Bronzer | Powder Blush | Blush Stick | Lip oil-balm | butter gloss 

Go-to Makeup Brushes:

It Brushes for ULTA #115 | Real Techniques Sculpting Brush | Real Techniques Powder Brush | Makeup Forever 122 Blending Brush | MAC 188 Small Duo Fibre

– My Makeup Beauty Organizer/Display is from:  Glamboxes




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Beauty Repurchases

Beauty Re-purchases: L’Occitane, Fresh, First Aid Beauty, NYX + St. Tropez

April 21, 2015

Beauty Repurchases

Beauty Repurchases L'OccitaneBeauty Repurchases First Aid BeautyBeauty Repurchases FABBeauty Repurchases FABNYX Butter Gloss

{ NYX Butter Gloss, shade: Merengue }

Beauty re-purchases are about the products that keep us coming back. We all have our cult favorites, and also new products we discover that then quickly become part of our beauty routine.

The following products are my most recent re-purchases. They’ve worked for me, I’ve enjoyed using them and they are products that I consider to be worth my mulah— *A.K.A cash money!

First up, is one of my cult classics, the L’Occitane Cleansing And Softening Shower Oil With Almond Oil. I’ve been using this product off-and-on for years, and I will continue to buy it. It is such a lovely, delicate and luxurious treat in the shower or bath. This shower oil is a body cleanser, it lightly foams up as you work it onto your skin. I love the way it hydrates and smooths my skin. After I take a hot shower or bath my skin feels so soft, looks luminous and hydrated. I love using it mostly for shaving- IT IS THE BEST SHAVE EVER!

The Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil by Fresh has been a part of my skin care routine since February. I love facial oils. I bought the smaller 0.5 oz at the time and I still have a little product left in that bottle before I open up my new one. But for the size, I think it has lasted me a good amount of time. I put 2 drops onto my fingertips, then I rub my hands together and I gently pat the oil onto my face. It absorbs into my skin quickly and my face does NOT feel oily. Since using the Seaberry oil my skin feels moisturized, looks healthy (like I drank 20 glasses of water), and feel like it has helped balance my skin. I usually have combination skin with an oily T-zone. But the face oil has seemed to balance my skin out. Not too dry, not too oily. It’s the ‘Goldilocks’ of face oils.

I bought the St. Tropez tan applicator mitt again because It’s the best mitt, in my opinion, to apply my self tanner with. I’ve tried a couple other brands and St. Tropez’s mitt holds up the longest. It’s just a really great tool to use for applying my self tanners evenly and easily.

I’m still a fan of First Aid Beauty. I started using their products 4-5 months ago, and the cleansing wipes and facial radiance pads continue to be frequent re-purchases of mine. I keep a packet of wipes in my gym bag, my purse and in my bathroom. These towelettes effectively remove any make up, sweat, grime, or whatever from my skin. I love how clean my skin is afterwards and it does NOT leave an oily residue behind like some other cleansing wipes I’ve tried. The cleansing wipes do tend to be a little ‘soapy’ (as I tried to show in the picture above) BUT I don’t mind it. It does not irritate my skin, and like I said, It really does a good job of cleaning my face with out leaving anything but a clean feeling. The Facial Radiance Pads do a great job of exfoliating and toning my skin, and keeping my complexion clear from break-outs (until that time of the month comes around, then I gotta take out the big guns!).

My last re-purchase is my NYX Butter Gloss. Ohhh how I love me some NYX products! I own about 12 NYX lip products, and my collection keeps growing. The Butter Glosses are great. They are highly pigmented, long-wearing, hydrating and not tacky or sticky on the lips. Best of all, they are super affordable! The shade ‘Merengue,’ pictured above is one of my favorite pinks, it goes with almost every skin tone.

Please share what some of your favorites are, I’d love to hear them.

Have a great day, and thanks for reading!

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BECCA Cosmetics

Becca Cosmetics

March 10, 2015

BECCA Cosmetics

BECCA Cosmetics

BECCA Cosmetics

BECCA Cosmetics swatch

BECCA under eye brightening corrector and beach tint

BECCA Beach Tint Soufflé

BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed

First of all, thank you to my neighborhood ULTA beauty store for finally carrying    Becca!

When I started swatching products I was instantly in ‘makeup heaven’! The consistency of every product I tried was just so smooth, blendable + luxurious. The items I purchased, I think, would be perfect for creating that summer glow.

I’m not so much into bold makeup looks as I am into natural looks {if you follow my instagram, you already know this about me}. Sure, I love a good smokey eye or a bold lip. But for everyday? Not for me. I save the bold looks for those date nights with my hubby.

Ok, so back to these products. Because I love more subtle looks, AND because I live in steamy-hot-ass Florida, when it comes to summer time, less is definitely more! I absolutely will love using these BECCA products during the next few months!

The packaging is simple, yet good quality. The under eye brightening corrector is a full-coverage, decadent + creamy formula. It’s pink tone covers dark circles while the light-reflecting illuminators help to brighten up the under eye area. I’m curious to see how this formula wears + lasts. The beach tint shimmer soufflé is so beautiful! It has a mousey consistency, and when you apply it to the skin it feels like a powder. Every shade has two colors in it, and when you swirl your finger around to pick up the product the colors just blend so nicely together {I purchased the ‘Papaya/Topaz’ pot}. This shade is perfect for my olive complexion. I love the subtle shimmery-glow it gives + the beautiful pop of color! Next, I couldn’t pass up on this Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed {shade: ‘Topaz’}. When I swatched it, the formula felt so light + smooth. And when I saw it on my skin I was like, WHOA! It’s meant to be a pressed powder. Or you can use it like a bronzer. The unique formula is supposed to adjust to your skin’s natural undertone. Interesting, huh?! »Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed VIDEO«

Finally, the Bronzing Skin Perfector will give me that warm summer glow I’m after. Because I don’t like to sun tan my face, I think this is a great product to have to enhance my complexion! In the swatch above, it looks pretty dark. I just wanted to show the color, but it does blend into the skin beautifully.

Have any of you tried BECCA products? Tell me some of your favorites!

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