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Albion Fit workout apparel

Feeling Inspired: New (Post-Baby) Workout Gear X Albion Fit

October 17, 2014

Albion Fit workout apparel


















It’s been 8 weeks since I had my second baby. I’m still very sleep deprived, nursing, busy all day around the house, finding time to cook a healthy dinner for my family, attempt to (smell) + look good for my hubby by the time he gets home from work + taking care of my 2 boys. I’m exhausted just typing all of this – phew! Seems as if the day goes by in a blink! Anyone out there that can relate<< ??!

It’s been pretty hard getting the motivation to workout again. BUT I reeeallyyy do miss it! I would like to lose 12-15 damn pounds already – I’m really ticked off that I haven’t fit ME into my schedule! I know it takes time, I’ve been there already, but after my first baby I started working out after about 5 weeks. Now I have 2 + it’s taking twice as long to get to it!

Anyway, I decided I needed to get some pretty workout gear to help the process along – haha! But seriously though, it is amazing what some fun, bright + pretty athletic clothes could do!

I’m loving all the athletic apparel from Albion Fit!

Albion Fit leggings








{♥ These floral + papaya orange leggings! They are super cute + fun.}

Albion Fit Tops








{This ‘FIND YOUR HAPPY PACE’ tank is a good reminder (really comfy). And this pink racer back is great for when I go running or do more high endurance workouts, it has great support!}

It’s just what I was looking for:  pretty colors + prints, cozy tops + most importantly, high performance fabrics! The leggings + capris are figure-flattering, have built-in compression (great to keep the jiggly-wiggly in check) + are thick enough that you don’t see your skin through when you bend over or move  >> I HATE that! I don’t want to do a downward dog + be worried about showing all of my ‘business’ to everyone in the studio!

Albion Pants















I also have this tunic hoodie, these black leggings + these cute violet capris.

So here’s to some ME time + to feeling good + energized again (and of course, dropping more post-baby Lb’s)!


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Simple Pleasures: Baby Edition

July 30, 2014

I’m expecting my 2nd baby soon & the products I featured are completely new to me. I’m excited to try them!

photo 2-6

{ My new rockaRoo seat from 4 Moms }

photo 3-6

{ This foldable “Flexi Bath” from Stokke }

This bath is so cool & convenient. It folds flat in the middle so you can store it, travel or move it around the house easier.

photo 4-5

{ This hands-free hooded infant towel from Puj  is awesome! }

Towel stays secure using interlocking silicone tabs around the neck (where the heck was this towel when I had my first?!).

This towel will give me more piece of mind, knowing that I have both hands free to dry my baby with!
It’s made from thick, ultra-soft cotton.

photo 1-4{ Gia Nursing Pillow from Dr. Brown’s }

I used the Boppy with my first. I still have it too. But…I’m not a fan of the Boppy. I always had to use extra support – prop a pillow or two under it on the side I was nursing on. That got annoying quick! But I put up with it.

And NOW…


I can’t wait to try this nursing pillow! Hopefully it will solve all the problems the Boppy couldn’t…fingers crossed!

Have you tried any of these products? Please tell me how you like them in the comments.

Xx- Kristen