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Instax Polaroid Camera

Simple Pleasures

September 29, 2014










(This, Oh-so-cute instant camera! I spent the weekend taking snap shots of my kids with it. So fun!)

This weekend was the first time my husband and I took our 5-week-old son Mason, out in public as a family of FOUR ♥(I have spent most of our time at home + strolling around our neighborhood). It was time to GET OUT!

We enjoyed a lovely weekend with my family (my mom, sister + niece). We strolled up and down Lincoln Road here, in Miami Beach. Lincoln Road, for those who aren’t familiar, is comparable to The Promenade in Santa Monica, California (if you’re not familiar with The Promenade either… then, sorry. I’m out of references!) We did a little shopping + eating + lots of walking.

I bought my instant camera and this Amazingggg potpourri (↓) for our home.















(Seriously in love with the aroma of this Autumn Harvest potpourri!)

On Sunday, my hubby and I took our boys (Liam + Mason) to their first pumpkin patch. It was so much fun!























I also received a new book to read (it also makes for a great coffee table book) by celebrity make up Artist, Mally Roncal called, Love, Lashes, And Lipstick: My Secrets for a Gorgeous, Happy Life. I enjoyed flipping through it on Sunday night, while sipping on a glass of wine and watching Real Housewives of New Jersey (oh, ya!)
















(My night cap!)


I hope you enjoyed your weekend as well!

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