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Pottery Barn Mirrored Makeup Storage

A Glamorous Mirrored Makeup Storage

October 07, 2014

Seriously, how pretty is this mirrored make up storage?! So chic + Hollywood Glam, right?

Pottery Barn Mirrored Makeup Storage










I have a TON of beauty products (as any blogger + beauty junkie should)! I have been searching for something pretty, practical + functional to display on my bathroom vanity. I first saw this makeup storage a few months ago, but passed it up so I could continue browsing. I finally came back to it last week, and decided this organizer was the one for me << also partly because I had a Pottery Barn rewards discount helped sway my decision – hehe!

I bought the large makeup storage<< there’s a small one + a brush holder available too, if that’s what you’re looking for.

I am so (pleasantly) surprised by how many products it’s able to store!

This large one has:

5 divided compartments on the top, 4 side compartments (2 on each side), 2 middle drawers + 1 large bottom drawer.

Even with all my eye, lip + face products that I have, I still wasn’t able to fill this thing up…yet!

Pottery Barn Mirrored Storage









I’m still figuring out how I want to organize my beauty products in it. I spent sometime over the weekend going through + getting rid of any products I haven’t used in a long time, or that have expired. That definitely freed up some space. Right now, my mirrored storage actually looks a bit empty. But I will be able to fill it up with my latest + most favorite products (and of course purchase more!).

If you’re looking for makeup storage, I recommend you consider this pretty one – it will also give that extra ‘oomph’ to your bathroom!

What do you think of this organizer? How do you organize your makeup?

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