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NYE 2015 Blogger Goals

5 Blogger Goals for 2015

December 30, 2014

I’m still new at the blogger thing. But I’m teaching myself, learning + passionate everyday! Even though I may not have as much time to devote to it as I really want/need…I really do love it + want my lovely little blog to become a lovely, big, amazing, super-duper blog (is that too much to ask?)! I know that blogs need time. Lots of it. And right now, I’m split a gazillion different ways. I’m a stay-at-home-mom to a 2-year-old + a 4-month-old (need I say more)? But I will. My days are consumed by my beautiful little boys. There’s nothing more I love than to be a mom to my two babies. And I’m fortunate enough to be able to stay home with them! I breastfeed, clean, cook, kiss boo-boos, change diapers, run to the “potty” 15 times a day (with my potty trained toddler), cuddle, teach, play and on it goes… But then there is Petals and Pumps, my other little baby. My 5 blogger goals for 2015, are devoted to her!

1.  Grow my blog and social media followers.:  It’s a damn hard thing to do. I’m realizing it takes hard work, patience + persistence.

2.  Carve out more time to do what I love:  share/write/blog.

3.  Be more organized + plan, plan, plan!:  I’m actually a pretty organized person. I’m a to-do list freak + an avid note taker. But still, I need to organize my blog topics/ideas better + plan ahead. This will help me become a better blogger (and help my sanity – hahaha!).

NYE 2015 Blogger Goals

{ based on my collection, I’d say I’m ready to get organized + plan! Power Sheets, To-Do List, Blog Planner.}

4.  Inspire!:  Who doesn’t want to inspire others and be inspired?! If I can help women become more confident, learn something new or even just help a fellow momma out there feel like they’re not alone in this mommyhood thing  (because being a stay-at-home-mom can feel pretty lonely at times), then I’ve done my job!

NYE Blogger Goals

{ my boys and I back in October. }

5.  Collaborate:  I would love to start working with other bloggers and/or companies that share the same passions as I do in 2015. Show and inspire my readers more, together!

NYE Blogger Goals

{ yay – beauty products + pretty things! }

What are your professional or personal goals? Would love to hear them!

Happy, Healthy + Blessed New Year to all!


Xx – Kristen

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Claw Foot Tub

Simple Pleasures

October 20, 2014

Claw Foot Tub { My wonderful claw foot tub♥ }

This weekend I definitely enjoyed doing things that made me happy!

Over the weekend I was able to take a bath again. Something I hadn’t done since July (since before my son was born)! I had my bath nice + hot, with extra bubbles, a glass of white wine, some soft tunes playing + I was able to read some #GirlBoss (a great read BTW, highly recommend it!)…And boy did I enjoy all 20 minutes of it before my son woke up!

I also did a little shopping + got a few things for my kitchen from Sur La Table. Confession: (I’m OBSESSED with kitchen tools + decor)! When I walked into Sur La Table, I noticed all the Parisian-style dinnerware, bakeware + accessories – I couldn’t help but to take some pieces for my home! Confession #2: (I’m also OBSESSED with EVERYTHING Parisian. Touches of Parisian decor is just so chic + has elements of coziness in a home that I personally love).

Fleur De Lys Bowls













{ I bought these pretty bowls + a few other items (links below) }

Sur La Table serving tray









{ and this pretty serving tray }

I purchased this ‘Night Night Darling Boy’ print from Lara Casey Shop (LCS), for both of my babies rooms. I just think it’s so precious! The LCS designs inspiring products, with the purpose of reminding us what’s important in life, like faith + family. Love that! I hope you check it out.

Lara Casey Shop Darling Boy Print









{ This darling print }

Thank the Lord, stone crab season has begun here in Florida!!! My hubby + I took my mother-in-law (who was visiting us from Cleveland), to stuff our faces with this delicious crustacean! Crab is one of my favorite things to eat + I definitely was on a food high when I was eating those jumbo claws!

stone crabs










{ Mmm- Stone Crabs, I ♥ U }

Shop my other items from Sur La Table below:

Wok | Eiffel Tower Floral Oven Mitt | Flatware Caddy | Blanc Lion’s Head Bowls | Fleur De Lys Mug

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