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Accessorize: Wallets, Headbands & Bracelets

July 01, 2014

Over the weekend, I got a few simple pieces. I needed a new continental wallet & another, compact enough to fit all my needs — I could just grab-n’-go! I’m usually throwing my wallet from diaper bag to handbag, or just holding it if I’m running quick errands. So I thought it would be great to have a choice between both styles I chose.

I also found some cute headbands to accessorize with during the summer. We get some steamy-UNBEARABLE HEAT here in Florida, (and being pregnant in this heat is terrible!!) so naturally, I want something to keep my hair out of the way or to “jooj” a pony-tail hairstyle when I want to.
And finally, My sister/bff/partner-in-crime & I went to our local Eberjey store yesterday, in Miami Beach. I found some really cute glass beaded bracelets (wear them swimming, in the shower, or at the beach & they will be perfectly fine!).
{Kate Spade NY ‘Cherry Lane’ wallet, Hobo ‘Alice’ wallet}
{Top-Bottom: Cara ‘Denim’ 3-in-1 Head Wrap, L. Erickson Interlock Turban 
Cara ‘Aloha’ Head Wrap}
{Glass Beaded Bracelets from Eberjey, Miami Beach}
What do you think about what I found?