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Baby Favorites

Baby FAVES (+ a few for momma)

November 11, 2014


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As many of you may know, I had my second baby boy (Mason Nicolas) almost 10 weeks ago. He is such a sweet baby, so calm + happy. His big brother Liam (who will be turning two next month) loves him to pieces! They are the loves of my life! ♥

Since having Mason, I’ve racked-up some more favorites >> some items listed above are for me also, to make my life just a liiiiittle bit easier. Most of the products I use on a daily basis. If you’re expecting or have a friend or family member having a baby, pass this information along. I hope you/they will find these products as useful as I have!

1| Nuk manual breast pump:  I have an expensive electric breast pump as well (since having my first baby). But I wanted to try a manual too because I just get so sick + tired of all the tubes, hooking up to everything, the noise, feeling like a cow being milked…just all the crappiness that comes along with electric pumping! Well, this manual pump is actually more of a pleasant experience. I use it for those in-between times when I just need to store some milk or empty my breast because I feel too full. It’s comfortable, quick + easy to use. I mostly use it while I’m watching TV + I can usually get around 3 oz. in 10-15 min. Since buying this pump, I have not used my electric. It’s got rave reviews online. I can see why!

2| Baby foam shampoo:  I love Mustela products. I received this one as a gift + I’m so glad I did! This foam shampoo works especially great if your baby has cradle cap (dry, flaky skin – similar to dandruff). Mason had a mild form of it + after just 3 uses, it was gone. I LOVE the clean, fresh baby smell + how silky soft his hair is afterwards (Mason was born with a full head of hair + still has it!). I still use it although he doesn’t have cradle cap, it’s still a good everyday shampoo.

3| The best rocker ever invented!:  One word: Hallelujah! Yes, it’s that good. The rockaRoo by 4moms is the best! Mason loves it. When I need my hands-free for cooking + getting things done (like this post), I put Mason in the rocker + he’s entertained for a good while or he ends up falling asleep. 4moms also makes the mamaRoo, which I hear nothing but great things about that version too. A MUST to add to your registry!

4| The Quint Carryall:  A great organizer for almost any handbag. I use this when I don’t want/need to carry my larger diaper bag » (find my diaper bag here). I pop this carryall in my TB tote (find my Tory Burch here) and I’m on my way!

5| Honestly good face + body lotion:  My whole house is filled with chemical-free products. I’m a huge believer in keeping my environment + my kids as natural as possible. That’s why I LOVE The Honest Company! I get products for my house + the babies sent right to my door every month (which means 55 less trips a week to Target for me- haha!). I use everything from the diapers to bath products to laundry detergent from The Honest Co. I’m a fan of this lotion because of the crappy chemicals that it doesn’t have in it, how it absorbs into my babies’ skin, the fresh scent + how hydrating it is. » (sign up for a free trial OR subscribe to a monthly bundle here).

6| This cute traveling play pad:  These play pads from blablakids are so cute, so cuddly-cushy (100% cotton) + great for taking to a family members’ house or to the park. It obviously travels well, but I use it in my home all the time too.

7| Room spray: Diaper pails tend to get a little stinky sometimes! This room spray is my favorite. It has a great fresh, pure baby scent. It’s worth it + a big bottle like this last forever!

8| Baby Cottons sleepwear:  Ever since Liam was born I have been a loyal Baby Cottons client!  He + Mason have tons of footies, rompers + sets from BC. I love them so much because (although pricey), their items are soooo soft » all made from 100% pima cotton, they wash incredible + last forever! Mason uses some from when Liam was an infant. They’ve been washed/used 1000 times over + his clothes are still perfect! Nothing compares.

9| This nursing tank:  When I’m at home, I’m mostly in loungewear. And this cami is perfect to wear around the house. It’s comfortable, stretchy + easy to use while nursing» I own 4.

10| Dry Shampoo:  Another time saver + hair saver! No Drought, absorbs the excess oils in my thick hair perfectly- allowing my blow dry to last a few days longer. It has a nice citrus fresh scent + adds a little volume also. For busy moms – it’s a MUST!

11| My favorite multi-tasking makeup product:  This ‘Full Coverage SPF 50 CC+ Cream’ by IT Cosmetics is EVERYTHING! It’s my full-coverage foundation cream, anti-aging serum + SPF. One product and I’m out the door! It’s formulated with good-for-your-skin ingredients + it’s just so easy to use. It helps correct my skin tone + imperfections, infuses my skin with peptides + vitamins (+more), + leaves my skin looking dewy! LOVE-LOVE-LOVE♥ (FYI a little goes a LONG way). The best value is found on QVC.

So tell me moms, what are your FAVES?


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For the Moms or Moms-to-be

July 11, 2014

Ok ladies, It’s my Friday round-up.

I chose these items more specifically for the mamas out there… & of course, these products were chosen with your health in mind! You know how I feel about products with a bunch of crap in them…pure & natural is the way to go when it comes to you and your baby!

This Honest Co. baby arrival gift set, is not only practical but adorable!
If you haven’t tried Honest Co. products for your little one, what are you waiting for?!
This set includes 7 essential/full-sized pieces including: Shampoo + Body Wash, Face + Body Lotion, Healing Balm, Hand Sanitizer, Silicone Baby Teether, Wipes & a 7-pack of Diapers.
 All items made with non-toxic, safe & natural ingredients.
Isn’t this Baby’s First Book by, Rag & Bone Bindery so cute (and original)?!
Well they are handmade, beautiful books – perfect to start jotting down all your baby’s first moments.
Let your creativity flow!
The two I own pictured here are: “Little Lions” & “Jungle Book.
I encourage you to check these adorable books out. I received both of mine as a gift from my sister — LOVE them!
Each ribbon-bound book contains 24 whimsical, fill-in pages like:
Before you were Born“,”How we picked your name” and “Baby’s World“.
 I love this page – Baby’s Mementos. I put hospital bracelets in there, my labor check-in card & of course my son’s belly button!
 ((And by the way these books were featured in American Baby, InStyle Magazine, Child, People Magazine, TotSnob, Parenting and more)).
Drinking water is essential…well, ALWAYS! But keeping hydrated during & after pregnancy is SUPER-DUPER important! So why not hydrate using these chic water bottles by Bkr?
You’re probably thinking…”Ok, this is just a water bottle. What’s so special about it?!”
Well, obviously >> If it’s a cute bottle your more likely to remember to drink.
But more importantly, Bkr bottles are made out of glass with a (colorful) silicone sleeve,
have a food grade polypropylene cap, BPA-free, phthalate free & are 100% reusable + recyclable.
During pregnancy, you may experience awful-itchy bellies! Just another lovely situation we have to deal with during this time.
But I FINALLY found a product that really does deal with this problem –  NO MORE ITCHY BABY BUMP!! Hooray!
Zoe Organics, relieves the itchy skin and is a rich conditioner for stretching skin during pregnancy. Shea butter, along with other blends of organic oils, extracts and essential oils work to prevent and reduce the appearance of stretch marks.
As busy moms, we look for quick and easy, right?! We’re sleep deprived and on “the job” 24/7.
So when I find something that makes life just that much easier, I just gotta share it!
If you’re like me, your day-to-day makeup routine is pretty & basic.
The CC+ product by,
  IT Cosmetics will become your BFF!!
This baby is a color correcting, full coverage cream & anti-aging serum WITH SPF 50!!
It’s a no-brainer girls! It’s basically your foundation, moisturizer, serum, skin perfector & SPF
I just upgraded to this bigger (and I think better) Classic diaper bag from PBKids.
Going from one to two boys requires a bigger bag. I love it because it so roomy and it has 3 separate compartments. It has helped me organize a lot better, compared to my other bags.
I also monogrammed it (of course) with my initials. That way, when it’s no longer a diaper bag for the kids, I could use it as a travel or beach bag for myself! :)
Photo Credit: ZoeOrganics, Instagram

Tell me what your favorites are. I would love to hear them!