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Flash Tattoos: Jewelry-Inspired Temporary Tats

August 02, 2014

photo-51How cool are these Flash Tats?! Temporary tattoos have definitely come a long way from the gum ball machine version (you know what I mean –  the lick it & stick it kind you used to get back in the day. You needed sand paper to get those darn things off…Ouch!).

These are the grown up, pretty-girly version – and I love!

The Flash Tattoos typically last 4-6 days depending on where they are placed and how well you take care of them. They are easily removed by using coconut or olive oil to rub the tattoo off.

Each Flash Tattoo collection is unique just like you & includes 3-4 sheets of various metallic designs. Place Flash anywhere and have fun creating your own super cool look. Use them all at once, or just a couple at a time and share with your gal pals!

photo 4.PNG-2

These shimmering tats are the perfect addition to ANY of your summer festivities. Think: pool party, al fresco dining, festivals, girls night out — and really, any chic event. You will glisten wearing these and surly stand out!

photo 2.PNG-3

photo 3.PNG-2

photo 1.PNG-4{ Part of the Sheebani collection. I love, love, love elephants AND this collection! }

Photos:  Flashtat.com

Would you try these jewelry-inspired tattoos?

Xx- Kristen