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Tone It Up X The Beach Babes: Inner & Outer Thighs Routine!

June 03, 2014
The Tone it Up girls, Karena and Katrina just GET women! They understand fitness and health and know how to make it FUN for us.
These girls are sexy, funny & smart– they have built a brand all their own!
Find a fitness plan and nutrition plan on their website: http://toneitup.com/fitness/
as well as motivational stories, and workout videos you can do on-the-go, or anywhere from your home right from your personal computer!
And watch these girls on Bravo
With all their workouts being filmed on some exotic beach, following along makes it a “breeze!” It feels as if you are on location with them!
But once you get working…don’t be fooled by the beautiful scenery, their routines are challenging!
In the video below, Katrina shows us a killer Inner & Outer Thighs Routine, Part of their Bikini Series
Purchase the Beach Babe DVD, complete with 9 workouts. The set of exercises include:
Set the Bar, Fine Toning, Beach Barre, HIIT The Beach, Sunrise Routine, Sunset Stretch,
Sunkissed Abs, Hula Booty & Bikini Arms.
So what are you waiting for?! See what the Beach Babe craze is about and get your body Bikini ready (I can’t wait to go at it full-force after my baby is born)!