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Dry Brushing

Dry Brushing

April 16, 2015

Dry Brushing

I heard about dry brushing through a Holistic Nutritionist over a year ago. I am now finally trying it and been dry brushing for almost 3 weeks. I wanted to share with you what dry brushing is, why it’s so beneficial, and why you should add it to your weekly skin care routine.

What is dry brushing:  Using a firm body brush to promote healthier skin from the inside—out.

The benefits:  An excellent way to exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells. If you dry brush regularly, it improves the appearance of cellulite making the skin look and feel firmer. Dry brushing also stimulates circulation which helps naturally detoxify the skin.

I also do it before I self tan to prep my skin, or after to help remove dry patches in-between my faux tans. Dry brushing helps my products I use absorb better into my skin. I have personally noticed smoother, less dry skin thus far.

How to do it:  Use the dry brush on dry skin 5-10 minutes before showering. Start at your feet and work upwards to your heart using circular and upward motions. Start dry brushing every other day, and then daily if you want. Dry brushing should feel good, a tingling or invigorating feeling. It should NOT hurt.

I really enjoy the invigorating feeling I get during dry brushing and a few minutes after. If you do it for a few minutes in the morning, it really helps you ‘wake-up!’ I imagine that tingling feeling is my body detoxifying.

What to get:  I got my body brush at Whole Foods Market. But you can find one here and here.

Dry Brushing

{ Bass 100% Wild Boar wet/dry body brush }

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