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It Cosmetics Makeup Brushes

Beauty Spotlight: IT Cosmetics Makeup Brushes

November 04, 2014

In my new P+P series: Beauty Spotlight, I will feature a product + review it!

It Cosmetics Makeup Brushes

My first Beauty Spotlight (review) goes to It Cosmetics.

You don’t have to be a makeup junkie to know that good makeup brushes are an essential part to applying your makeup flawlessly. The better the brushes are, the easier they pick up the product + the smoother the product goes onto your skin. Blending is another key to a flawless face! Fluffy, dense, smooth brushes will practically do the work for you – blend, blend, blend.

There’s nothing I hate more than those makeup brushes that poke my face when I’m applying my makeup…or better yet, those brushes that leave you with a hairy face! >>You know what I mean. A brush that leaves more hairs on your face than you woke up with is a NO-NO!

I was in need of new (GOOD) makeup brushes. And because I’m a fan of QVC‘s beauty shows, I already knew how desirable It Cosmetics brushes are. So I decided to pop-in to my local ULTA beauty store to purchase a few.

IT Cosmetics brushes are wonderful! They are cruelty-free, fluffy, luxuriously soft + dense brushes (dense brushes=more hairs. More hairs help to pick up the product and lay down it flawlessly).

It Cosmetics Brushes

#115 | #114 | #315 | #227

Makeup Brushes

I’ve been using my new brushes for about 2 weeks now + they are even better than I had hoped they would be!


They feel luxurious + soft on my face.

The product picks up great + lays down effortlessly.

I found that they easily follow the contours of my face.

Easily blends in my makeup.

High color payoff.

Most of the brushes I purchased can be use with cream or powder products (= multipurpose), I love that.

The brushes are easy to hold with a rounded comfort-grip handle.

They clean + dry well.


They are more expensive than your usual brushes. But you get what you pay for.

But I’m sure, with proper care, these will be the last makeup brushes I’ll ever need to buy again!

Beauty Spotlight brushes

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Overall, I’m very happy with my brushes + they are a great addition to my everyday makeup routine!


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