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Maternity Photos Baby #3

April 18, 2017

I hope you girls had a great Easter weekend. We certainly did.

I’m currently 37 weeks pregnant, sitting on the couch tonight with my legs propped up, writing this post. I haven’t written in too long…I’m glad I’m posting little something before baby boy makes his appearance! I wanted to do a quick round-up of my favorite shots that were taken during my maternity shoot…

This lace bra (I could only find a similar one) was just perfect! It went well with my skin-tone, the surroundings and the little kimono robe I was wearing.

My labra-doodle Brando wanted some love too! Isn’t he cute?! I love this floral kimono. I couldn’t find the same one, I bought this months ago, but I linked something similar.

My first baby, Liam♥. He’s 4 now, I can’t believe it! Though he was a bit shy, I know he was excited to take some pictures with me. :)

This lace dress belonged to the photographer and she let me borrow it.

The following gowns are both from sew trendy accessories. I think that this is THE best brand for maternity gowns. There are so many style and color choices to choose from, and almost fully customizable. The one I’m wearing here ↑, is the Emerlie style in the shade:  Periwinkle.

This dress gave me Mermaid feels! :)


These floral hoop earrings from J.Crew are fabulous (And currently %25 OFF)!

Again, this lace gown is from sew trendy accessories. It is the Marilyn Gown in the shade:  Magenta. I added the drooped chiffon sleeves.


Thanks for stopping by!


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Baby #3: My First 12 Weeks of This Pregnancy

October 20, 2016

It was late August, on a Saturday and I was sprawled out on the couch just waking up from yet another nap, when I thought to myself “my gosh why am I so exhausted?!” At first I thought It was because Liam had just started school and we were waking up earlier. But then it clicked. I must be pregnant!

Before I even took any pregnancy test I was already familiar with the symptoms I was having. The one that gave it away was the extreme fatigue. I felt exactly the same with my previous 2 pregnancies in the initial weeks. My fatigue made me realize that I was actually already 5 days late!

My symptoms these past 12 weeks have been:


Excessive peeing

Bigger, heavier, sore boobs


Weird Dreams

Some constipation (TMI I know, But I’m keeping it real)!

Occasional light-headedness

Trouble sleeping

Shortness of breath

Some food aversions + a couple of cravings

All sound great, huh? Well honestly, the first trimester is no picnic but I much rather have these symptoms than having nausea & vomiting. That’s never happened to me with any of my pregnancies. I consider myself lucky! I know within the next couple of weeks, when I’m in my 2nd trimester, I will have a lot more energy and enjoying all that pregnancy “glow” and a bigger baby bump!

I have to go pee…again (haha), talk to you soon!

– Stay tuned for the gender reveal coming up in the next couple of weeks!!♥

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Babymoon Time!

July 23, 2014

Our babymoon is just a day away, and I CAN’T WAIIIIIIT!!!


I think taking the time off with your partner before your little one’s arrival is a MUST (if you can)! We got away when we were expecting with our first son…And we had a unforgetable babymoon in Italy (pictures below)!

{ Our baby moon in Rome, Itay. Expecting our first. }

{ Our baby moon in Rome, Itay. Expecting our first. }

{ Spanish Steps }

{ Spanish Steps }

{ Positano, Italy }

{ Positano, Italy }

My husband and I ideally wanted to get out-of-town this time around, but because we have a 19 month old & the days literally just flew by, unfortunately, we missed our window to travel by plane.

Luckily, we live in a city most people would love to come for vacation – Miami! We have amazing hotels/resorts to choose from.

My hubby booked us at a beautiful resort where we can relax, enjoy the spa & just be beach-bums…We literally just want to do NOTHING!

Beachfront Resort & Spa in Miami Beach

Beachfront Resort & Spa in Miami Beach


We need this time away from our day-to-day life to re-connect and re-charge our batteries before our 2nd blessing arrives. And if you already have a kid at home already then ya know what I mean!

If you’re expecting (or will be someday soon) take my advice, and GO!


Tell me where you went on your baby moon? Do you have any suggestions for the moms-to-be?





My Picks: Products for a Healthy Pregnancy

July 22, 2014
{ Aloe, Chlorella Powder, Echinacea, Prenatal Vitamins, Wheatgrass, H20 with Lemon }

{ Aloe, Chlorella Powder, Echinacea, Prenatal Vitamins, Wheatgrass, H20 with Lemon }


Being pregnant is a the most beautiful experience!

It can also be a scary, emotional & confusing experience. But if ever there were a time to try to be the healthiest you can be for that little human inside of you, it’s now!

This is my second time around –  Currently, I’m 35 weeks pregnant. I have always been an advocate of living a healthy lifestyle. So making sure that I continued to put healthy products on my skin and more importantly, inside my body, was just something natural for me.

I would like to share a few extra products (Dr. approved) that have been essential during (and after) my pregnancies.

*Please check with your Doctor regarding any products that you would like to add to your healthy regimen.

1. Aloe Vera:  aloe is great to help keep me regular (if you know what I mean). During pregnancy we can have “difficulties” in that area sometimes, & drinking aloe every night before bed helps keep things moving.

photo 3-5

photo 2-5

2. Organic Chlorella Powder: chlorella is great in removing toxins from the body, and it enhances your immune system. I add a scoop in my morning or afternoon smoothies.

3. Echinacea:  when you feel a little cold coming on, take echinacea drops! Echinacea helps to boost your immune system. And because pregnant woman really can’t take medications, take these drops at the first sign of  a cold to help stop or lessen the effects – the natural way.

4. Prenatal Vitamins (Duh!):  With out question, if you do nothing else – take your vitamins daily! Prenatal vitamins help fill the gaps in your nutrition. The New Chapter-Perfect Prenatal I take is the best, in my opinion! The vitamins are made from organic vegetables & herbs. These vitamins claim to be gentle on the stomach & that you can even take them on an empty stomach. I can honestly say, with having taken these during my pregnancies, they have never made me nauseous.

5. Wheatgrass Drink Powder:  These single serve packets are great for adding to your morning smoothies, or taking on the go. Wheatgrass is among one of the most powerful natural detoxifying agents. In fact, it has been said that just about one ounce of wheatgrass is equivalent in nutritional value to more than 2 pounds of leafy green vegetables! Wheatgrass contains more than 90 minerals, including potassium, calcium, magnesium and sodium as well as essential enzymes and 19 amino acids.

6. Water (with Lemon): It’s essential to keep hydrated during pregnancy. We need to drink more water to prevent dehydration. Dehydration can lead to a many health issues like, dizziness, nausea, headaches and constipation.


I hope these products help you whether you’re expecting, or not.

Share with me your favorite products in the comments.