Black Elderberry Syrup: A Natural Remedy for Your Kids, That Works!

May 22, 2014
“This great tasting all-natural syrup, made from Certified Organic Black Elderberries and added Acacia honey, can be taken by children daily or on occasion to support their immune systems. Honey offers tasty and soothing support for the upper respiratory system. The formula contains no artificial flavors or colors, no preservatives, and no high fructose corn syrup.”
I’m a HUGE Gaia Herbs fan. I believe in herbal remedies & its potency to do what they’re intended to do.
Last week, my family and I were on vacation and of course, my 1 1/2 year old son developed a runny nose/cold on our 2nd day away. While we were gone I resorted to using Infant’s Tylenol for a couple of days. But I noticed little-to-no difference in his condition. When I arrived back home, I purchased this Black Elderberry Syrup— read about it here.
Elderberry is known to be very effective in supporting the immune system, and a remedy against the cold & Flu virus.
I gave my son his first dose late that afternoon, and his second, just before bed. I was pleased to see that when he woke up the next morning he had NO runny nose-Yay! I continued giving him the syrup for 2 days (he actually liked the taste too). My son recovered quickly. I was so surprised!
I definitely think Elderberry is worth keeping in your medicine cabinet. I hope you give it a try & see if you notice any difference.
*Always read labels and follow dosing instructions accordingly.
You can find Gaia and Gaia Kids products at Whole Foods Market.
Retail price: $20
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