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Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer

Favorite Drugstore Concealers | Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser + Master Conceal

May 29, 2015

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer IMG_0003

I’ve been using these (affordable) Maybelline New York concealers for a couple of weeks. And I have to say, I LOVE them! I even like these better than a couple of my higher-end concealers – whaaaat?! Yup, I do.

I purchased the Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Spot/Dark Circles Concealers + Treatments in the shades:  225 Light/Medium, 235 Medium/Deep, Neutralizer (a yellow shade to help even out your complexion + cover dark spots/circles) + Brightener (a pinkish tone to help brightener and cover darkness).

The Master Conceal I purchased in the shade:  40 Medium

The Instant Age Rewind concealers really do the job of ‘erasing’ my imperfections. I use the shades light/medium + brightener for my under eye area, and I use the shades medium/deep + neutralizer to spot correct. Those have Vitamin C to treat dark spots, sun spots and aging over time. I also use Master Conceal only for spot correcting.

I love the spongey applicator tip the Instant Age Rewind concealers/treatments have. I think the sponge lays the product down onto my skin well + so effortlessly. I also like the velvety texture these concealers have. They wear well on my skin all day (I have combination skin) + it does not crease or crack, and my dark circles and spots are virtually gone.

I personally like the Instant Age Rewind products better than the Master Conceal. However, Master Conceal is still a good product. It is creamier, buildable + can be full-coverage. And you have to squeeze the product out from the tube. I prefer the application and formula of the Instant Age Rewind concealers over the Master Conceal.

I’ve been reaching for the dark spot concealers everyday since I’ve purchased them. Great drugstore products… and one of my favorite drugstore brands! ♥

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In Bloom By Jonquil Pajamas

New (sexy-cute) Sleepwear from Nordstrom: Perfect For The Summer Months

May 21, 2015

In Bloom By Jonquil Pajamas

Camisole & shorts | Ombré Chemise | Printed Wrap 

In Bloom Camisole & ShortsIn Bloom Knit ChemiseIn Bloom Printed Wrap

I usually go pajama shopping around this time of year. With the hot-muggy Florida weather not letting up anytime soon + summer quickly approaching, I need comfy, lightweight  pajamas right now.

I usually gravitate towards the In Bloom by Jonquil brand at Nordstrom. There’s always cute new  prints + the fabric is always perfect for this time of year. I ended up getting a sexy cami + shorts set, a knit chemise and a printed wrap (robe) with the same lace trim + exotic animal pattern as the cami + shorts.

I’ll be snoozing in style!

Photos:  PetalsAndPumps, Nordstrom

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tory burch pineapple tote

Pineapples + Pompoms

May 15, 2015

Pineapples and PomPom trend

Pineapples Fashion Trend

Coral pineapple tee | iPhone case (for 6+)

Pineapples and pompoms have been popping up everywhere in fashion. Even beauty products are being infused with this fun fruit. Have you noticed this quirky trend too? From phone cases to totes + tops. I’m kinda diggin’ it though – so cute for summer. I have already succumb to a couple pineapple accessories! I’m loving my cute pineapple tee + iPhone case – I get tons of compliments on my phone case. And I have yet to wear my tee, I just got it. But it is so comfy ( I tried it on) + I think it would look cute with cut-off shorts or jeans.

And here, I’ve found more products from Nordstrom you may like. I sure do! tory burch pineapple tote

Top Shop pineapple clutchnordstrom topLucky Brand Pineapple Print Tankpompom infinity scarf

Tory Burch tote | Topshop woven clutch | Pompom trim top | Lucky Brand tank |   Pom Infinity scarf | Clarifying Exfoliating Gel 

Photos:  Petalsandpumps, Nordstrom

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