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NYE 2015 Blogger Goals

5 Blogger Goals for 2015

December 30, 2014

I’m still new at the blogger thing. But I’m teaching myself, learning + passionate everyday! Even though I may not have as much time to devote to it as I really want/need…I really do love it + want my lovely little blog to become a lovely, big, amazing, super-duper blog (is that too much to ask?)! I know that blogs need time. Lots of it. And right now, I’m split a gazillion different ways. I’m a stay-at-home-mom to a 2-year-old + a 4-month-old (need I say more)? But I will. My days are consumed by my beautiful little boys. There’s nothing more I love than to be a mom to my two babies. And I’m fortunate enough to be able to stay home with them! I breastfeed, clean, cook, kiss boo-boos, change diapers, run to the “potty” 15 times a day (with my potty trained toddler), cuddle, teach, play and on it goes… But then there is Petals and Pumps, my other little baby. My 5 blogger goals for 2015, are devoted to her!

1.  Grow my blog and social media followers.:  It’s a damn hard thing to do. I’m realizing it takes hard work, patience + persistence.

2.  Carve out more time to do what I love:  share/write/blog.

3.  Be more organized + plan, plan, plan!:  I’m actually a pretty organized person. I’m a to-do list freak + an avid note taker. But still, I need to organize my blog topics/ideas better + plan ahead. This will help me become a better blogger (and help my sanity – hahaha!).

NYE 2015 Blogger Goals

{ based on my collection, I’d say I’m ready to get organized + plan! Power Sheets, To-Do List, Blog Planner.}

4.  Inspire!:  Who doesn’t want to inspire others and be inspired?! If I can help women become more confident, learn something new or even just help a fellow momma out there feel like they’re not alone in this mommyhood thing  (because being a stay-at-home-mom can feel pretty lonely at times), then I’ve done my job!

NYE Blogger Goals

{ my boys and I back in October. }

5.  Collaborate:  I would love to start working with other bloggers and/or companies that share the same passions as I do in 2015. Show and inspire my readers more, together!

NYE Blogger Goals

{ yay – beauty products + pretty things! }

What are your professional or personal goals? Would love to hear them!

Happy, Healthy + Blessed New Year to all!


Xx – Kristen

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Family Christmas Pictures

December 24, 2014

_MG_9859 _MG_9858 _MG_9921 _MG_9933 _MG_9936 _MG_9939 _MG_9964 _MG_9991

{ my husband Tony, Kristen, Liam (2) + baby Mason (4 months). }

I wanted to share just a few family Christmas pictures with you all!

The Holidays came so fast this year, didn’t it?! I barely got my Christmas cards out in time. We just got through celebrating my son Liam’s 2nd birthday party too (post on that later). We did all our Christmas shopping in one day – on the 22nd!

With a new baby and hosting all the holiday festivities (from Thanksgiving to Christmas brunch) at our house, I’m so ready to relax Christmas Day in my jammies – ALL DAY with my family!

We wish all of you a very Merry Christmas + a Healthy + Prosperous New Year!

♥The Hajjar Family♥

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Holiday Beauty Palettes

Holiday Beauty Palettes

December 12, 2014

Holiday Beauty Palettes

Laura Geller Beauty ‘Dream Creams‘ Lip Palette | Urban Decay
Naked on the Run‘ Palette (Limited Edition) | Deluxe Eye & Lip Palette | | Bobbi Brown ‘Smokey Nudes‘ Eyeshadow Palette | LORAC ‘Unzipped‘ Shimmer & Matte Eyeshadow Palette | Clinique ‘Wear Everywhere‘ Neutrals Eyeshadow Palette


During this time of year the best gift sets and palettes hit the department stores, and it’s just a no-brainer kind of gift! Every year I give at least one to my sister. It’s also great to get a couple for yourself too. The thing about palettes is that all the color combinations are done for you – the guess-work is gone. Whether you’re looking for neutrals, shades of purple, or smokey tones there’s a palette to help you combine the perfect options. Palettes are great to travel with too! Just pop one or two in your bag and you have endless options while on vacation.

Will you be gifting a makeup palette? Do you have favorite?


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givenchy multi-strand necklace

Givenchy (via Nordstrom) Purple + Hematite Collection

December 05, 2014


frontal necklace | cluster pendant necklace | bib necklace | linear earrings | chandelier earrings | drop earrings | line bracelet

FACT:  My favorite color is Purple ♥. I love any and all shades of purple – I think the color is so regal + looks great on every skin tone! All my purple lovers out there, you’ll love this collection too!

givenchy multi-strand necklace

{ I just received this beautiful (Nordstrom Exclusive) Faux Pearl Multi-strand Necklace in hematite/berry + I can’t wait to wear it! (Unfortunately, it’s no longer available since I purchased it on sale). This necklace made me want to search for more purple pieces from the line. }

I’m so happy I saw this Givenchy purple/hematite collection at Nordstrom. I own several pieces of jewelry from the Givenchy line + I love them! My fashion pieces look great + are made extremely well. My first purchase of Givenchy was a pair of stud earrings. I still have them, and they still look like new! I’ve never had a problem with tarnish, or losing stones – ever. This is why I love Givenchy jewelry. No matter the style/color you choose the pieces are beautiful and you’ll enjoy them + get compliments when you wear them! This purple collection is great for the season and going forward. And if purple isn’t your color, these styles come in other color ways too, which are also stunning. And think gifts » if you still need to cross some women off your list (mom, sister, bestie, colleague…) any girl would be happy to receive one of these pieces!

Givenchy necklace

Which is your favorite?

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