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May 04, 2012

Plain and Simple- Retinol, reverses the damage that has been done to your skin, and continues to deliver powerful results to prevent new or worsening damage. Retinol is key to any treatment regimen you may have. It helps improve the appearance of post-acne scarring, fine lines, dull complexion and sun/blemish dark spots.
Anyone who loves the idea of an anti-aging product and wants healthy, radiant-looking skin (who wouldn’t?!)…consider adding retinol to your beauty routine!!!

I use a product by Neutrogena Dermatologics, available exclusively at QVC. I’m sure every woman and teen is familiar with the trusted Neutrogena brand, right? Well, the Dermatologics line pumps it up with their Retinol NX Concentrated Serum!
I finally found a GENTLE (because we all know how harsh these retinol treatments can be), light-weight, and EFFECTIVE…Yes, I said it…EFFECTIVE retinol serum! Whoop-Whoop!!
Don’t worry, you don’t have to alter your whole skin care regimen just to add a retinol. You can simply apply it to clean skin and then put your favorite moisturizer/treatment on top (this retinol is safe to use day or night). I like to use it just once a day, usually at night. But if you choose to use yours during the day don’t forget to APPLY SPF (you should be applying SPF everyday, I’m just sayin’)!!!

Retinol treatments are not cheap! However, this 1.7 oz. bottle lasts me about 3 1/2 months (using it mostly once a day), and costs $79.00. If you know how much retinol treatments could cost…this is considered a good bargain!
Luminosity is a beautiful word isn’t it? Get this product and you’ll see the — luminosity come from within!!
Correct and Protect with Retinol,
Protect what you Correct with SPF!  :)